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Total Tennis operated a year-round tennis club and pickleball club at Greenhills Golf Club from 2018-2022.

Total Tennis London operated an indoor and outdoor tennis and pickleball facility at Greenhills Golf Club in London, Ontario for five years from 2018 until the end of 2022 as a partnership with ClubLink Enterprises Ltd.

At the time this operational agreement began, the facility had 130 tennis members on 8 indoor plus 5 outdoor courts and no pickleball play. Over the course of the next five years, Bill Maron and his team of administrators, coaches, and maintenance staff, accomplished significant growth in tennis activity, despite numerous interruptions and shutdowns due to the Covid pandemic. The tennis membership grew to 350, while over 100 guests also enjoyed the various tennis programs and camps.

In 2019 the decision was made to introduce pickleball play on two indoor courts with lines added on one tennis court, during the less-busy club hours. With the introduction of clinics and weekly programs based on player level, we soon had over 200 active pickleball players. In 2020 the number of pickleball courts was expanded to 6 indoor (exclusive courts) and the result was a membership of over 600 with an additional 100 guests participating in programs and bookings each week.

ClubLink sold the golf property in early 2020 but Total Tennis Inc. was able to finish the initial 5-year operational lease with the new owners. However, negotiations to continue operating beyond 2022 as Total Tennis London at Greenhills were unsuccessful despite the growth in participant activity from 130 players to over 1100.